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Information for Families

We understand that a legal issue can be overwhelming for not only the student but for their family as well.  A promising academic career or future job prospect can be negatively derailed without legal advice or representation. Because of this, our staff is dedicated to assisting your student in pursuing the most advantageous course of action for their situation.

About SLS

UNC Charlotte Student Legal Services, Inc. (SLS) is a nonprofit corporation that is a separate legal entity from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. SLS operates on campus in Suite 126 of the Popp Martin Student Union through an agreement with the University. Our employees cannot advise or participate in legal actions between university students or against the University, the University of North Carolina System, or the State of North Carolina.

Our office is staffed by competent, dedicated, and caring professionals: Attorney Ashley McAlarney (Director of Student Legal Services) and Pa Yang (Paralegal).

Student Eligibility and Costs

SLS is funded from the Student Activities fee, so our services are available at no additional charge to eligible students. However, students will be responsible for paying any court filing fees or court costs.

SLS individualized services are available to currently enrolled UNC Charlotte students who have paid the Student Activities fee as part of their on-campus, degree-seeking programs. Distance Education, Continuing Education, and any other enrolled students who are not required to pay the Student Activities fee are ineligible for SLS assistance.

Current Services

SLS provides legal advice and limited representation (primarily in the form of document preparation) to students in various areas of the law, including landlord-tenant, consumer disputes, expungements of criminal records, domestic violence, uncontested divorces, and more.  We also provide notary services at no additional cost to students. If your student’s issue involves an area of law that we do not practice or one of the conflict cases listed above, then we may still be able to provide them with a referral and/or legal resources.

Client Confidentiality

As members of the State Bar of North Carolina, SLS attorneys, and the staff that they supervise, adhere to the Rules of Professional Conduct. When your student is faced with a legal issue and we are working with them, please know that only the student is our client. We are required to protect the confidentiality of our clients, which includes the information that we acquire about your student’s legal matter as well as our communications with your student. SLS cannot discuss your student’s legal matter with you or any other third party unless your student gives us their written, informed consent.

Initial Intake Appointment

Even though your student can give us their written, informed consent to discuss their case with you, it is our policy that the attorneys will typically meet with your student alone during the initial intake appointment. It is during this meeting that your student provides documentation for the attorney to review and details about the background of their case. The attorney will then recommend a course of action. If your student gives us their written, informed consent after the initial intake appointment, then we would be happy to communicate with you about their case.